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  • Short Radius Elbow Miter Guide Long Radius Elbow Miter Guide

    Buckaroos® Dial-A-Miter

    The Buckaroos® Dial-A-Miter wheel chart gives you guidance when making Long Radius and Short Radius Elbows. Just dial in the pipe size and you see the throat and heel measurements, angle of cut...

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  • Buckaroos® Pipe Caliper

    Buckaroos® Pipe Caliper

    Easily identify pipe size in IPS, CTS, and CPVC measurements up to a 12” Iron Pipe Size O.D. This pipe caliper includes a handy IPS to CTS conversion chart and extends to a 14” ruler.

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  • Buckaroos® Tape Dispenser Buckaroos® Tape Dispenser

    Buckaroos® Tape Dispenser

    This tape dispenser was developed by a mechanical insulation veteran that wanted a a better solution than hanging tape from your belt or a wire bucket handle. It was uniquely designed to hang...

  • Buckaroos® Insulator’s Handbook - Methods and Layouts for Insulators by Daniel Middaugh Buckaroos® Insulator’s Handbook

    Buckaroos® Insulator’s Handbook

    Also known as the "Insulator's Bible", this handbook is the standard instructional aid for professional insulators across North America. Detailed layouts and best practices are provided by the...

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