Metal Duct

  • Klenk Metal Duct Slicer Klenk® Metal Duct Slicer

    Klenk® Metal Duct Slicer

    New bevel on tip: Beveled edge notch on the tip allows easier and more accurate piercing of sheet metal. Improved heat-treated steel shaft: Provides durability and longer-lasting edge on tip. Ergonomic handle: Contoured, rubberized grip on handle...

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  • Klenk Pipe Cutter Klenk® Pipe Cutter-Slot or Double Cut

    Klenk® Pipe Cutter-Slot or Double Cut

    Cuts round, oval, and black pipe and downspout Pushing center blade point through pipe starts cut — this three-blade tool takes out a 1/8″ track leaving both ends clean and straight. Maximum opening of jaws provides better bite —...

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  • Malco Offset Duct Stretcher

    Malco® Offset Duct Stretcher

    Use the Duct Stretcher to hold duct in place with one hand while  slipping drive cleat in place with other hand. The low profile, straight  body is designed to go anywhere, even in the tightest quarters.  Additional spacing holes allow...

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  • Midwest 12" Folding Tool

    Midwest Snips® 12" Folding Tool

    The folding tool is made of tempered steel with double sided throat depth presets. Sight gauges on both sides.   16ga tempered steel. 1″ and 3/8″ preset throat depths. Sight gauges on both sides. Made in the USA.

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  • Malco 12" Folding Tool

    Malco® 12" Folding Tool

    Folding Tool seams are formed from two steel halves, permanently joined together. Handy sight holes assure proper depth alignment. 12" (31 cm) Folding Tool with 3/8" (9.5 mm) & 1" (25.4 mm) depths .

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