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Insulation Tools

  • Tee Master Layout Rule

    Tee Master

    Lay out regular equal tee templates for 1" to 12" pipe in seconds. Made of durable ABS thermal plastic. Will not rust or corrode. Only 7" x 11" and 11/16" thick makes the Tee Master light weight and easy to carry. The Tee Master has a 1" to 6" scale...

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  • Gore Layout Rule

    Layout Gore Rule

    This layout tool makes it easy to remember how to layout a 16 point gore Step by step instructions included with each rule This 6” x 6” square also has a protractor for laying out tee patterns Made of 16 gauge steel, laser etched with a...

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  • Marshalltown Bullnose Trowel

    Marshalltown® Bullnose Trowel

    Forged from a single piece of highest grade tool steel Tempered and carefully taper-ground and polished Hardwood handle held in place by a polished steel ferrule Flexible blade specially designed for working with insulation 5 1/2" X 1 7/8"

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  • Marshalltown Gauging Trowel

    Marshalltown® English Pointing Trowel

    Forged from a single piece of highest grade tool steel Carefully taper ground and polished Hardwood handle with polished steel ferrule Used for mixing or "gauging" small quantities of quick setting plaster

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  • Dexter 8" Rubber Knife

    Dexter-Russell® 8” Rubber Knife

    Dexter offers a vast selection of Rubber and Work Knives for the rubber and tire repair industries as well as for other uses.  Tough knives of high-carbon steel are specially designed utilizing unique blade patterns, sizes, and edge...

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  • Dexter 6" Curved Blade Boning Knife

    Dexter 6" Curved Blade Boning Knife

      For chefs who want DEXTER quality at its most affordable. Dexter Basics® cutting knives offers performance and value for commercial use, featuring 400 series stain-free, high-carbon steel blades with durable, slip resistant...

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  • Malco Mini Offset Aviation Snip-Left

    Malco® Mini Offset Left Cut Aviation Snips

    With an overall length of only 7-1/8 inches (181 mm), the AVsMini easily goes to work in tight or awkward spaces where full-size aviation snips are challenged. A 3/4 inch (19 mm) length of cut provides the optimum speed for confined cutting...

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