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Miscellaneous Tools

  • Digaroo Insulation Carving Tool
Digaroo Insulation Carving Tool

    Buckaroos Digaroo™ Insulation Carving Tool

    This innovative carving tool simplifies the process of modifying rigid foam insulation sections to allow for routing around valves, specialty components, or creating a space for electric heat trace. It's comfort and durability make special cut-outs...

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  • Buckaroos® Tape Dispenser Buckaroos® Tape Dispenser

    Buckaroos® Tape Dispenser

    This tape dispenser was developed by a mechanical insulation veteran that wanted a a better solution than hanging tape from your belt or a wire bucket handle. It was uniquely designed to hang securely from a ladder or lift and enhance productivity for...

  • Boxtown Ladder Carrier Boxtown Ladder Carrier

    Boxtown® Team Ladder Carrier

    The only way you will ever want to carry a ladder. Forget about sore hands as you struggle to drag a ladder from one end of a job site to another. This innovative ladder carrier makes it more comfortable than ever.

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  • OXO Hole Cutter

    Easy Grip Hole Cutter

    The stainless steel Corer cuts smoothly. The soft handle absorbs pressure so your hands don't have to. Perfect for cutting into fiberglass pipe insulation

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  • General Cotter Pin Puller

    General Cotter Puller

    General Cotter Pin Puller is ideal for pulling cotter pins in confined work areas. Its compound bend design allows extraction with a pull or twist motion. This allows access over, around, and behind wiring, hoses, and other engine obstacles. The...

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