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Sheet Metal & HVAC Tools

  • G-5 Outward Clinch Tacker

    Markwell® Red G-5 Outward Clinch Tacker

    This is an industry-specific heavy duty outward clinch tacker.   The G5-OC uses STCR 5019 type staples to 9/16" leg length, for the really tough wire stitching jobs in insulation, attaching labels to corrugated cartons without damaging contents,...

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  • Lufkin 2' Blacksmith Rule

    Lufkin® Steel 2' Folding Blacksmith Rule

    3/4" X 2', 1/32" Thick, 1-Fold, Tempered Steel Rule This Brings Rule to a Firm Stop When Opened Straight Riveted Joint Has Large Side Washer and a Stop Legible, Permanent, Deeply Etched Black Markings Lower Edge on One Side Graduated to 1/16ths of an...

  • Malco Sheet Metal Scribe

    Malco® Sheet Metal Scribe

    Scribe commonplace trim lines on galvanized sheet metal quickly and  accurately. Ten pre-set scribing depths from 1/8” to 1”(3 to 25 mm).  Each scribing depth size features a dual edged point to create clean,  readable and...

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    Klenk 12" Tinners Shears

    Klenk® 12" Tinners Shear

    Straight pattern tinner's shears Designed to cut straight, as well as wide curves to the left or right Drop forged of high carbon steel Induction hardened cutting edges Cushion-grip handles

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  • Fairmont Tongs

    Klenk® Straight 9 1/2" Fairmont Tongs

    Fairmont tongs, also known as forged hand seamers, are powerful and versatile additions to any tool box. They are used in HVACR, metal roofing, and many other sheet metal applications. Fairmont tongs are forged and plated -- and fully guaranteed...

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  • Klenk Offset 5 Blade Crimper

    Klenk® Offset 5-Blade Crimper

    Ideal for reducing diameter of round duct, sheet metal pipe, and downspouts for insertion into other pipes. Five blades make uniform crimps on sheet metal up to 20 gauge. Recommended for light or heavy piping -- furnace, smoke, wall stacks, air ducts,...

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  • Crescent 8" Locking Sheet Metal Clamp

    Crescent® 8" Locking Sheet Metal Clamp

    Crescent Locking Sheet Metal Clamps are made to an exacting standard that results in improved durability and long-term performance. They meet stringent ASME standards for product specifications including strength. Features: World Famous Crescent®...

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  • Malco HVAC Redline Starter Kit

    Malco® Redline Starter Kit

    16 Tools and FREE bags of Zip-in and Bit-Tip Screws kitted in a FREE No. TB1 Soft-Sided Tool Bag 17” x 8” x 8” (43 x 20 x 20 cm) C5R REDLINE Pipe Crimper – 5 Blade SL1R REDLINE Snap Lock Punch N1R  REDLINE Hand...

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