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Measuring & Layout

  • Short Radius Elbow Miter Guide Long Radius Elbow Miter Guide

    Buckaroos® Dial-A-Miter

    The Buckaroos® Dial-A-Miter wheel chart gives you guidance when making Long Radius and Short Radius Elbows. Just dial in the pipe size and you see the throat and heel measurements, angle of cut and number of miters required for each. Benefits...

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  • Buckaroos® Pipe Caliper

    Buckaroos® Pipe Caliper

    Easily identify pipe size in IPS, CTS, and CPVC measurements up to a 12” Iron Pipe Size O.D. This pipe caliper includes a handy IPS to CTS conversion chart and extends to a 14” ruler.

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  • Lufkin 2' Blacksmith Rule

    Lufkin® Steel 2' Folding Blacksmith Rule

    3/4" X 2', 1/32" Thick, 1-Fold, Tempered Steel Rule This Brings Rule to a Firm Stop When Opened Straight Riveted Joint Has Large Side Washer and a Stop Legible, Permanent, Deeply Etched Black Markings Lower Edge on One Side Graduated to 1/16ths of an...

  • Insulation Depth Gauge Buckaroos® Insulation Thickness Gauge

    Buckaroos® Insulation Thickness Gauge

    This depth gauge is very useful for determining insulation thickness up to 6” with minimal damage to a vapor retarder. An especially small diameter metal rod with pointed end will bottom out on the pipe or duct surface to derive a thickness...

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  • Tee Master Layout Rule

    Tee Master

    Lay out regular equal tee templates for 1" to 12" pipe in seconds. Made of durable ABS thermal plastic. Will not rust or corrode. Only 7" x 11" and 11/16" thick makes the Tee Master light weight and easy to carry. The Tee Master has a 1" to 6" scale...

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  • White PVC Pipe Caliper

    White PVC Pipe Caliper (Pack of 3)

    Easily convert iron pipe sizes to copper tube sizes. Useful for mechanical engineers, plumbers, HVAC installers and pipe insulators. 3 pieces per pack. Measures up to 16” iron pipe diameter. Made from .030 white PVC, and sized at 3.5” X...

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  • Malco Sheet Metal Scribe

    Malco® Sheet Metal Scribe

    Scribe commonplace trim lines on galvanized sheet metal quickly and  accurately. Ten pre-set scribing depths from 1/8” to 1”(3 to 25 mm).  Each scribing depth size features a dual edged point to create clean,  readable and...

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  • Pipe Caliper

    Pipe Caliper

    For measuring iron pipe & copper tubing. Measures pipe sizes from 1/4" to 12". Sturdy construction-nickel plated steel, corrosion resistant.

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  • Lufkin 3' Circumference Rule

    Lufkin® 3' Circumference Tinner's Rule

    Standard Rule with Tinners and Other Sheet Metalworkers Tempered Medium-Weight Steel Hole in One End for Hanging Markings are Black for Easy Reading One Side Upper Edge Marked Inches to 1/16ths Reverse Side has Formulas for Calculating...

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