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Metal Cutting Tools

  • Clauss Light Metal Snips

    Clauss® Curved Light Metal Snips

    For precise metal cutting or trimming. Perfect for cutting spurs and jagged edges. Forged construction with curved blades and leveraged handles. Lifetime Warranty. Features: Leveraged Handles Curved Baldes Forged Construction For precise metal...

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    Klenk Pipe Cutter Klenk® Pipe Cutter-Slot or Double Cut

    Klenk® Pipe Cutter-Slot or Double Cut

    Cuts round, oval, and black pipe and downspout Pushing center blade point through pipe starts cut — this three-blade tool takes out a 1/8″ track leaving both ends clean and straight. Maximum opening of jaws provides better bite —...

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  • Klenk Metal Duct Slicer Klenk® Metal Duct Slicer

    Klenk® Metal Duct Slicer

    New bevel on tip: Beveled edge notch on the tip allows easier and more accurate piercing of sheet metal. Improved heat-treated steel shaft: Provides durability and longer-lasting edge on tip. Ergonomic handle: Contoured, rubberized grip on handle...

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  • Klenk 12" Tinners Shears

    Klenk® 12" Tinners Shear

    Straight pattern tinner's shears Designed to cut straight, as well as wide curves to the left or right Drop forged of high carbon steel Induction hardened cutting edges Cushion-grip handles

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  • Klenk Aviation Snip

    Klenk® 9 1/2" Aviation Snips-Left Cut

    Used for left turn cuts Hardened alloy steel blades resist wear and breakage. Hardened pivot bolt provides durability. Double-cam-action provides greater cutting power. Serrated blades draw work into cutting edge without slipping for accurate, clean...

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  • Klenk Bulldog Snip

    Klenk® Bulldog Snips

    Smooth orange grips and long leverage. Hardened blades and bolt. Short bite, serrated blades, for heavier gauge metal. Ergonomic handle, comfortable design. Ideal for S slips and drives. Works well on T-bar used in drop ceilings and the extruded aluminum...

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