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Other Snips

  • Klenk Bulldog Snip

    Klenk® Bulldog Snips

    Smooth orange grips and long leverage. Hardened blades and bolt. Short bite, serrated blades, for heavier gauge metal. Ergonomic handle, comfortable design. Ideal for S slips and drives. Works well on T-bar used in drop ceilings and the extruded aluminum...

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  • Pipe & Duct Snip

    Wiss® Pipe & Duct Snips

    Cuts any shape ducts, seams, sheet metal stock, vinyl tiles and plastic laminates Jaw action automatically adjusts blade clearance for squarer, cleaner cuts Spring-action for fast, effortless feed Non-slip, textured grips and safety latch

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  • Malco 14" Aluminum Handled Combo Snip

    Malco® 14" Aluminum Handled Combo Snips

    Sleek styling, easy blade replacement and larger handles make the Andy Snip more versatile. A sleek head design improves maneuverability. Ideal for making cuts in tight material, shapes such as J-Channel. A full 3-1/4" (82.6 mm) cutting length makes...

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